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This Disclaimer is intended for the following purposes:

  • The company refers to Finance2Insurance LLC.
  • The website is called service.
  • The person accessing the Service or the business or other legal entity for whom the user is accessing and using the Service based on the circumstances.
  • Website refers to Finance2Insurance, accessible from https://finance2insurance.com

The Company disclaims any responsibility for errors or omissions in the Service’s content.

The Company will not be held responsible in any way for any incidental, direct, special, indirect, consequential, or other damage resulting from this Service. The Company reserves all rights to modify, delete or change the content of this Service at any time without prior notice.

The Company cannot guarantee that its Service is free from viruses or harmful components.

External Links

The Service may contain hyperlinks to other websites that are not owned by or connected to the Company.

The Company cannot guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or timeliness of the information on these websites.

Warning about errors and objections

Information provided by the Service is meant to be general information about matters of general importance only. Even though the Company does everything possible to ensure that the Service’s content is accurate and up-to-date, errors may occur. Due to the constantly changing nature of laws, rules, and regulations, errors, delays, or other errors may occur regarding the information within the Service.

The company cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions in the information or the results that are derived from it.

Fair Use Disclaimer

The Company can use copyrighted material that has not been granted to the original owner. The Company makes the content available for criticism, comments, and scholarship on news, reporting, teaching, or research.

This is considered fair use of copyrighted material by the Company, according to article 107 of the United States Copyright law.

Copyright owners must be consulted if you want to use the Service’s copyrighted content for personal or other uses beyond fair use.

Views Expressed Disclaimer

There may be opinions in the Service that are solely the writers. They are not intended to reflect any official policies, positions or positions of any agency or employer other than the Company.

Users are responsible for the comments they post. Users assume all liability, responsibility and responsibility for any libel, lawsuit or other legal action that may arise from comments. Users are responsible for their posts. All comments can be removed by users at any time.

No Responsibilities

Information on the Service is provided under the assumption that the company does not provide legal, accounting, tax, or professional advice. The information should not be considered an alternative to consulting with an accountant, tax, or another expert.

The Company and its affiliates will not be held responsible for any consequential, incidental or consequential losses arising from or in connection to the use of or inability to access the Service.

Disclaimer: “Use at your own risk”

The Service provides information “as-is”, without guarantee of accuracy, completeness, accuracy, timely delivery, or any results derived from the use of that information. It is provided “as is,” without any warranty or representation, express or implied. This includes warranties regarding quality, performance and fitness for a specific use.

The Company will not be responsible for any decision made or any damages resulting from the Service.

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